Socallawsupport Attorney Directory the first and only Attorney Directory focused exclusively on Southern California Attorneys has just been completed and introduced to Attorneys. The goal of the new attorney directory is two fold; first it allows consumers looking for legal assistance to find an attorney conveniently located to their work or home. Second it offers attorneys a low cost way to get local exposure to potential clients. Features of the new directory include a map, which displays the locations of attorneys in the area that the consumer is searching. The consumer can then search by legal category to find the type of attorney they are looking for.


The beauty of this directory is that it was designed and owned by an attorney and an web site developer that were focused on improving the customer experience. Their goal was to make it highly functional, clean, responsive, and reasonably priced so all attorneys could obtain a web presence. After over a year of development the final product has achieved both of their goals and is expected to be widely accepted by consumers and attorneys in Southern California.


The normal clutter associated with directory sites has been eliminated. You will not be distracted by ads or gimmicks that are meant to side track the consumer. Consumers will get exactly what they are looking for when they reach this site, an attorney to assist them with their legal situation. And attorneys can be assured that local consumers searching for their services will find them and not sidetracked by annoying ads on the site.  An example of an attorney featured listing can be found here Law Offices of Kevin Cortright


Socallawsupport will soon become the local resource for Southern California consumers searching for an Attorney.

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